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Ready to stop stressing about your health and learn simple strategies that work?

At Redemptive Health, we believe you were created to be a steward of your body, not a slave to how it looks.

if you're ready to eat, train, and live like it...stick around!

Do you want to establish a health routine that is enjoyable, effective, and something you can actually stick with? Awesome – I’m here to show you how! Through the signature monthly membership or personalized 1:1 coaching, you’ll learn how to build a simple wellness practice that supports your health and enhances your life so you can finally feel your best.


Hey there, I'm Clara!

I am committed to teaching you how to create a simple, sustainable approach to health that leads to real, lasting results that are meaningful to you. I help you trade feeling confused, overwhelmed, and stuck for having clarity, confidence, and taking action. 

After working as a clinical dietitian for over 6 years, as well as dealing with my own health and body image struggles, I understand that health is much more than just “move more and eat less”.

I hope this space is a breath of fresh air – where you’re reminded of your true worth, you’re inspired to take small action, and you’re equipped with the practical tools to improve your health, starting today.

Join The Redemptive Health Membership


That’s what can be possible for you when you join The Redemptive Health Membership. Let me explain.

Inside the membership, you get monthly recipe collections, workouts, trainings, a community of like-minded individuals, and direct access to a dietitian all in your back pocket. What this means to you is you’re equipped with the tools and education to cultivate a sustainable approach to health. Monthly workouts, recipe collections, challenges, and trainings provided through a faith-based lens that help you simplify your health habits and stick with them so you can steward your body well and serve with greater capacity.

The real value is the clarity you gain on exactly how to support your health AND the evidence to prove to yourself that you do have what it takes, so you can instill healthy habits for generations to come – and that’s what you want, isn’t it? 

What We Offer


monthly membership

Membership includes new monthly strength training workout programs, real food recipe collections, wellness challenges, plus coaching and community to simplify your wellness routine and help you get in the best shape of your life.

Best for the driven gal ready to do away with overthinking her health and wants a simple, flexible plan to follow. Sound like you? Learn more below!


A 100% individualized approach to your health concerns. Through the 3 or 6 month coaching package, we work as a team to craft a plan fit for you, so you can adopt the skillset and the mindset needed to reach your goals flexibly, sustainably, and freely.

This option is perfect if you’re ready to invest in your health and reclaim your time and energy back from researching and trying to implement on your own over and over. 


Shop Redemptive Health products and ebooks, along with additional products to complement your daily wellness practices. 




Pro tips to help you maximize your membership :)

Anticipate obstacles: obstacles are like red lights on the way to the store: an inevitable part of the journey. Anticipate them and don’t let them define your ability or stop you from trying.

Take action: you can absorb all the information and education you want, but that’s not what leads to change — taking ACTION is!! Regardless of the results, taking action helps you gain clarity to continue pressing forward. I know this can bring discomfort, but temporary discomfort is better than longterm discomfort. God is mighty in you — you GOT this! 

Ditch all or nothing thinking: we believe something is better than nothing and ANY effort counts. You don’t have to implement 100% of the content to see change and improvements in your health. Each action you take compounds. 40% effort is better than 0%

Ask questions: if you’re confused, not sure where to start, feeling behind, or just have a question for me or the group, ask it! Someone else probably has the same question, so by speaking up you’re getting the answer and helping someone else do the same.

getting started:

New around here? Welcome! Check out some helpful tips on how to get started, below!​

Say hi and introduce yourself: click here to join the private group on Circle, and introduce yourself in the “Say Hello!” space. This is the PLACE TO BE for ongoing encouragement, support, and inspiration through the week. Post questions, workout or nutrition wins, or encouragements for others and be a part of a community pursuing the same goals as you.

Familiarize yourself with the membership portal: things should be fairly simple to navigate. Monthly content will be found in that months module. All other content will be found in the resource bank.

Download your resources: download, print, and/or save the monthly guides, recipe collections, and workouts to your phone for easy access at the start of each month. 

Take action: taking in information can feel productive, but real change comes from taking action! 

Need support?: use the “contact Clara” button to send me an email.