Your health is a gift. Ready to finally enjoy it?

FRIEND, You’re in the right place.

At Redemptive Health, we believe you were created to be a steward of your body, not a slave to how it looks.

If you’re ready to eat, train, and live like it…well, you’re in the right place! 

You want to improve your health in a way that is enjoyable, practical, and refreshing? Awesome – we’re here to show you how. We offer both monthly membership and 1:1 coaching to teach you how to cultivate simple, holistic wellness practices that support your health and enhance your life so you can finally feel your best.


Hey there, I'm Clara!

I’m glad you’re here! As a dietitian and trainer, my greatest joy is teaching others how to create a simplified and sustainable approach to health that leads to real, meaningful, and lasting results.

I’ve been blogging about health since 2012, worked as a clinical dietitian for over 6 years, and have overcome my own struggles with health and body image…so I’ve seen and experienced a lot. I hope this space is a breath of fresh air – where you’re reminded of your true worth, and where you’re equipped with the practical tools to improve your health, starting today.

Join The Redemptive Health Membership

If there was a way you could learn how to follow through with your nutrition and fitness habits once and for all, you’d want to know about that – right?

Nodding your head “yes!!”? The Redemptive Health Membership is for you!

Inside the membership, you get monthly recipe collections, workouts, trainings, a community of like-minded individuals, and direct access to a dietitian all in your back pocket. What this means to you is you’re equipped with the tools and education to cultivate a sustainable approach to health.

And the real value is the clarity you gain on exactly how to support your health AND the evidence to prove to yourself that you do have what it takes – and that’s what you want, isn’t it? 

What We Offer


This is the place to be if you need accountability, no-nonsense education, support, and guidance in your health! Join the membership to gain clarity and build consistency in your health habits.

1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching packages are individualized based on your goals. We work together to develop an approach that helps you cultivate habits to reach your goals with clarity, enjoyment, and grace.

product shop

Out of the thousands of supplements on the market, how do you know which brands to trust and which products to use? We’ve put together our dietitian and physician-approved favorites that you can shop for, as needed, at a discount.





To provide a redemptive and refreshing approach to health as we equip motivated individuals with the skills, knowledge, and support to make meaningful and lasting change in their health.


Pro tips to help you maximize your membership :)

  1. Download and/or print out the monthly focus topic guide. Schedule time to read through it. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of time, but think of it like a deposit or investment for your future self. You are choosing to learn how to care for and steward your body…it’s worth the time!
  2. Be willing and ready to apply the information with an open mind. Remember, we aren’t just absorbing information…we’re implementing it, to experience transformation. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with where or how to start…THIS IS IT! I’m literally giving you a framework and action steps to take. You don’t have to do everything in it’s entirety, but you do need to do SOMETHING…and you can!
  3. If you can’t do it all, DO SOMETHING SMALL! You don’t have to implement 100% of the content to see change and improvements in your health. Each action you take compounds. 40% effort is better than 0%. 
  4. Confused? Ask questions!! Take every opportunity to ask questions to gain clarity or direction…that’s what you’re here for, right? Be an active participant – I can’t do the work for you, but I’m here to guide and direct!
  5. Remember: have FUN with this. Your health is a gift that you are meant to ENJOY, not feel enslaved to. If you aren’t having fun, it’s probably a good sign that you need to reassess your motives and where you’re placing your focus. We celebrate our bodies around here. 

getting started:

New around here? Welcome! Check out some helpful tips on how to get started, below!​

  1. Say hi and introduce yourself: in the Facebook group, you’ll find a pinned post where you can introduce yourself and say hi to the group! Use this group to post questions, workout or nutrition wins, takeaways from the trainings, or encouragements for others. Don’t have Facebook? You can create a “ghost account” to use only for the group if you want to be a part of it…we’d love to have you!
  2. Familiarize yourself with the membership portal: things should be fairly simple to navigate. Monthly content will be found in that months module. All other content will be found in the resource bank.
  3. Download your resources: download, print, and/or save the focus topic guides, recipe collections, and workouts to your phone for easy access at the start of each month. *PRO TIP: I suggest printing out the focus topic guides each month to create your own personal wellness manual*
  4. Plan time to read, reflect, and implement: you don’t need to spend hours on this content!! Don’t worry about “falling behind” – it’s intended to serve you as a resource as you see fit, but I do suggest carving out time at the start of the month to read through the guide and complete the beginning of the month questions, and then time at the end of the month to reflect as well. Week to week you can schedule short check-in periods to make sure you’re still dialed in to the habit or topic.

Need support?: use the “contact Clara” button to send me an email.