Ready to cultivate a sustainable and holistic approach to health so you can feel your best? Let's work together!


This is the place to be if you need accountability, no-nonsense education, support, and guidance in your health! Join the membership to receive monthly nutrition and health education, group coaching, meal plans, community support and encouragement that helps you make real, lasting change in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and all in the context of your life, goals, and values.

Additional Offerings

1:1 coaching is for you if you desire more high level guidance in how to properly nourish yourself and implement habits that support your health goals. I offer both 3 and 6 month 1:1 coaching packages that are individualized based on your needs.

We’ll put our heads together to develop a plan that helps you learn how to cultivate the habits and skills needed to reach your goals without crazy rules, restrictions or obsession. A large part of creating lasting change also hinges on mindset, so you can expect to have some heart to heart convos thrown in the mix as well. Through it all, consider me your biggest cheerleader, supporter, and accountability buddy.

What’s included:

– Virtual coaching calls every other week
– Access to exclusive client content
– Meal planning support
– Between session communication as needed
– Free copy of Simple Staples

Coming Soon!

Wellspring members have access to membership, 1:1 coaching, and select supplements at a discount! Please email to receive your code.


Got a Question?

If so, let’s chat!! Please fill out the short form below so I can answer any questions and guide you towards the best offering for your goals. You can expect to hear from me via email within 48-72 hours!


  • Download and/or print out the monthly topic-specific education guide. Schedule time to read through it (think of it like an appointment with yourself).
  • Be willing and ready to apply the information. Remember, we aren’t just absorbing information…we’re implementing that information to experience transformation. 
  • Show up to the group coaching call (or replay) as undistracted as possible, and with an open mind.
  • Confused? Ask questions!!

Remember: have FUN with this. Your health is a gif that you are meant to ENJOY, not feel enslaved to. If you aren’t having fun, it’s probably a good sign that you need to reassess your motives and where you’re placing your focus.

getting started:

  • Introduce yourself: on the community board, you’ll find a pinned post where you can introduce yourself and say hi to the group! Use the community board to post your questions, encouragements, takeaways from the trainings, or wins as well.
  • Find your resources: the monthly recipe collection, programmed workouts, and topic-specific education guide will all be located in that month’s portal/module. Download them, print them out, or save them to your phone for easy access at the start of the month. 
  • Mark your calendar: for our live monthly coaching call! This is where we will discuss the month’s coaching topic more, and you can get questions answered.
  • Other resources: see the resource bank module for additional resources that will assist you throughout your health journey.
  • Need support?: use the “contact Clara” button to send me an email.