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Who This Is For:

What You Get:


  • New strength training programs uploaded at the start of the month
  • Can be done at home or gym
  • 4 workouts/week repeated for a month
  • Workouts delivered via PDF with hyperlinks to demo videos for step by step guidance of each exercise
  • Take 30-45 minutes and can be shortened
  • Modifications provided
  • Can be paired with other movement
  • Monthly workout program, 8 week beginner guide, and 4 week bodyweight guide are available to all members


  • Dietitian-curated recipe bank, weekly meal plans, and recipe collections at your fingertips to make meal planning easier
  • 100% gluten-free
  • Easy dairy-free swaps
  • Nutrition breakdown provided
  • Simple, whole food ingredients and cooking methods
  • Additional nutrition resources and educational guides on topics like emotional eating, portion control, cravings, balancing blood sugar
  • Does not include personalized nutrition coaching


  • New trainings uploaded at the start of each month on popular topics related to holistic health, focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Additional guides, tools, and resources to use as needed
  • Private group chat for a supportive environment to ask questions and get feedback

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Questions or Hesitations?

I hear you! I like to make sure I’m getting the most out of a product, too! It’s true that in some seasons you may use certain content more than others, but for less than a gym membership, you will always have access to workouts, simple recipes to keep your nutrition on track, plus additional trainings and resources. Eliminate excuses by having instant access to workouts and healthy recipes in your back pocket!

I get that! The good news is that the workouts can be shortened, AND include movement modifications to meet you where you’re at. What this means for you is that you will always be able to do the workouts in some capacity! And the best part is that with continued effort, you only get stronger and MORE capable of doing more over time!

We also have an 8 week beginner guide – perfect if you’re just diving back into working out, or if this is your first venture into strength training (way to go!). 

We have women in every decade of life from their 20-60s doing these workouts. Will you join them (and me!)?

All workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment. If working out at home, I suggest having the following: dumbbells (various weights, if possible), resistance bands set with a door anchor, booty bands, and access to a sturdy chair. If you’re working out at a gym, you’ll need dumbbells, cable machine (or bands), bench, step, and your option to use barbells.

We know Jesus spoke to the potential His followers and disciples had, NOT how they performed. What would happen if you were to begin speaking to YOUR potential, rather than your past performance? 
Maybe you haven’t had success sticking with past attempts at improving your nutrition or working out consistently, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it’ll always be! My guess is the approach was unsustainable and rigid, it didn’t factor in “real life”, or perhaps you had a touch of all or nothing thinking that made you think you can’t stick with changes. 
While the membership can’t make or force you to do anything, the supportive community and grace-driven insight found inside will help you see YOUR potential, and take hold of it.

Picture this with me: it’s a Thursday morning and the timer just stopped. Phew – your last set of squats are DONE, and the workout is complete! As you’re listening to your favorite worship song while you stretch, you’re overcome with gratitude and pride. Gratitude for all your body is able to do, and a pride steeped in your willingness to consistently show up for yourself. You smile as you walk a little taller into the bathroom to get ready for the day. That’s the picture you want to see, isn’t it?

BELIEVE, and DECIDE, you’ll stick with it. You can!

This is not a diet plan and you do not get any personalized nutrition advice. If that is what you’re looking for, reach out about 1:1 coaching!

You do get access to our recipe bank full of recipes that focus on minimally processed whole food ingredients in balanced portions, so you can get healthier food on the table with less overwhelm, time, and effort, AND feel good knowing you’re properly nourishing your body at the cellular level to support energy, blood sugar, hormones, and metabolism.

We also provide guides and trainings to help you develop a foundation of knowledge on how to best fuel your body without cleanses, following a low calorie diet plan, or utilizing meal replacement shakes or bars.

Many of the beliefs and values that I hold are formed by my faith, and therefore inform my approach to health. The majority of the content shared will be objective matters (I.e. recipes and workouts), however some content shared will include, or be influenced by, my faith beliefs – namely, that our worth is not in our body or what we can do but rather in what Christ has done for us, that we each were created in the image of God, that we each have a God-given call on our lives, that we are called to glorify God rather than ourselves, that we live in a fallen world marred by sin where perfection is unattainable, and that we await an eternity where all is made right. This list is not exhaustive, but is presented to give you an idea.

Even if you do not share the same faith as I do, I welcome you to join the membership and believe the information will still be of considerable value to you in your health journey.

Due to the instant access to copyrighted material and downloadable nature of the resources included in the membership program, refunds will not be provided after purchase for any reason. Please note that you are charged on the initial date of joining, and then on the same day of each month moving forward.

You are free to cancel your membership at any time before your next billing period begins. Please note that you will lose access to all membership content upon cancellation, but you’re welcome to rejoin at any time.

The membership is not an individualized program. If you desire more individualized coaching, I do offer 1:1 coaching – email me!

Results are dependent upon the work and effort you put into it! They depend on your willingness to drop the old way of doing “all the things” or a quick fix, and instead embrace the long game where sometimes “results” are less linear and more up and down. 

Members have said they feel stronger, look more toned and notice muscle definition, save time, and feel good knowing they’re setting a positive example for their kids.

What Can Happen If You Start Today!


My goal as a dietitian is to provide resources that make supporting your health and stewarding your body feel simple and sustainable no matter where you find yourself on your health journey.

Your health, and your life’s greater purpose, is more than just how healthy you eat or how frequently you workout. God placed a unique calling on your life, and I want to make sure you have a solid foundation of health that allows you to run after that call with full focus, vibrancy, and stamina.

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Pro tips to help you maximize your membership :)

Anticipate obstacles: obstacles are like red lights on the way to the store: an inevitable part of the journey. Anticipate them and don’t let them define your ability or stop you from trying.

Take action: you can absorb all the information and education you want, but that’s not what leads to change — taking ACTION is!! Regardless of the results, taking action helps you gain clarity to continue pressing forward. I know this can bring discomfort, but temporary discomfort is better than longterm discomfort. God is mighty in you — you GOT this! 

Ditch all or nothing thinking: we believe something is better than nothing and ANY effort counts. You don’t have to implement 100% of the content to see change and improvements in your health. Each action you take compounds. 40% effort is better than 0%

Ask questions: if you’re confused, not sure where to start, feeling behind, or just have a question for me or the group, ask it! Someone else probably has the same question, so by speaking up you’re getting the answer and helping someone else do the same.

getting started:

New around here? Welcome! Check out some helpful tips on how to get started, below!​

Say hi and introduce yourself: click here to join the private group on Circle, and introduce yourself in the “Say Hello!” space. This is the PLACE TO BE for ongoing encouragement, support, and inspiration through the week. Post questions, workout or nutrition wins, or encouragements for others and be a part of a community pursuing the same goals as you.

Familiarize yourself with the membership portal: things should be fairly simple to navigate. Monthly content will be found in that months module. All other content will be found in the resource bank.

Download your resources: download, print, and/or save the monthly guides, recipe collections, and workouts to your phone for easy access at the start of each month. 

Take action: taking in information can feel productive, but real change comes from taking action! 

Need support?: use the “contact Clara” button to send me an email.