Looking for a new way to squeeze some healthy omega-3 fats into your weekly lineup? This 5-ingredient salmon burger is the answer! Looking for a new way to squeeze some healthy omega-3 fats into your weekly lineup? This 5-ingredient salmon burger is the answer! 


I was 100% positive I had already posted this recipe to the ol’ blog, but it turned out I hadn’t! Crazy, considering this is one of my staple protein sources for work lunches – especially when I grow tired of chicken week after week. I’ve made countless batches, and they turn out great every time! They turn out looking like snickerdoodle cookies every time as well….I don’t hate it.

If you keep up with the health and wellness field at all, then you’ve heard how good salmon is for us. But…what exactly does salmon contain that makes it so great? Glad you asked! It’s a wonderful source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, and omega 3 fatty acids…just to name a few.

Next question, what makes these specific nutrients so important to us? Keep reading:

There you have it, a mini nutrition and science lesson all in one. Free tuition! Now that we’ve got those prerequisite courses out of the way, on to the upper level course…I mean, recipe!! 5 simple ingredients (that I ALWAYS have in my kitchen), 30 short minutes. Canned wild alaskan salmon is legitimately always in my pantry because it’s such a cost-efficient, shelf-stable protein source, but I make sure to steer clear from farm-raised and instead reach for wild-caught alaskan salmon. Other than that, the recipe is pretty straight forward. Eat them plain, eat then on a bun, eat them on a salad – do whatever you want! I recently paired them with cranberry sauce and it was AMAZE. Make sure to check out the Notes section for other ways to jazz up the recipe! 

[yumprint-recipe id=’50’]Looking for a new way to squeeze some healthy omega-3 fats into your weekly lineup? This 5-ingredient salmon burger is the answer! 


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