Why You Should Have a Sleep Routine


Ahh, the turn of a new year! Almost feels like flipping open to the first page of a new, shiny, blank journal. So many possibilities lie ahead.

Learn why and how creating a sleep routine can help you reach your health goals faster!

…but the reality is, every day — and really, every moment — is a day (or moment) where we can choose to rewrite the script of how we want to live and who we want to become. There’s nothing magic about a Jan 1 start date, which I’m sure you know 🙂

I know for many, the start of the new year typically brings about the desire to improve the state of their physical health in some way. 

Maybe its…

  • Losing fat 
  • Improving body composition 
  • Regulating hormones 
  • Decreasing cravings 
  • Making better food choices 
  • Eating out less 
  • Improving energy 
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Regulating blood sugar or blood pressure

If any of those resonate, can I share a tip with you that will make those goals easier to achieve?


No…seriously. Sleep is the great metabolic regulator, and getting sufficient, high-quality sleep

  • Supports optimal metabolic health (blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids)
  • Makes it easier to lose weight
  • Helps reduce risks for diseases and illnesses
  • Improves recovery from workouts so you can continue to train hard
  • Supports muscle building, in large part due to recovery
  • Decreases irrational decision-making which helps you make choices that align with your long term goals
  • Regulates hunger hormones to help you make better food choices
  • …and of course, helps you feel more energized day to day. 

“But Clara it’s impossible for me to get enough sleep”

What if I told you that most of us don’t lack sleep because of real time constraints, but rather because of our voluntary choices? In other words — we aren’t getting enough sleep because we aren’t prioritizing it, not because we’re strapped for time. Ouch, I know…but I’m guilty as well!

So really, one of the best ways to make better sleep your reality is to create a sleep routine. 

Think of it like a nightly, and really daily, rhythm that sends a gentle signal to your body at the end of the day that it’s time to wind down and get to sleep. You’re in control of it and it’s incredibly empowering (and fun).

A sleep routine will be unique to YOU! Some suggestions to consider:

  • Making a mug of hot tea 
  • Turning off screens at 7-8 PM
  • Reading or journaling
  • Stretching or light yoga
  • Deep breathing
  • Prayer 
  • No caffeine after noon
  • Morning sunlight 

Listen, committing to prioritizing sleep is likely a huge shift in your lifestyle and how you spend your days. I’m well aware it’s a tall order! But it isn’t something you have to do perfectly on the first go. It’s a rhythm you can learn how to slowly build into your day to day routine. 

And there will always be tradeoffs with every choice we make. Choosing to prioritize sleep may likely mean you have to sacrifice something else. But when you understand the monumental role that sleep has on your overall health, and personally experience how it makes you feel from day to day, it makes it easier to see how even placing a little more emphasis on sleep can reap huge rewards.

That’s why our focus inside the Redemptive Health Membership for the whole month of January is CREATING A SLEEP ROUTINE, because it will make working towards every other health goal easier (I meannn, hello less white knuckling cravings and more energy to workout).

I recently came across a thought in a devotional I’m reading that pointed out a line in Genesis 1 that flipped the common idea of our days starting with morning on its head. It’s the line “there was evening and there was morning, the fifth day”.

….the days are portrayed as starting with EVENING. Which means how we spend our time in the evening has a direct impact on how we go into the day. I grew an even deeper appreciation for a night time/sleep routine after reading that. 

So…sound like something you could use a little support on?

Join us inside the Redemptive Health Membership for just $24.99/mo!! You’ll also get access to recipe collections + workouts to create a truly holistic approach to health.



My goal is to help you detach your worth from their wellness and learn how to steward your health in a way that’s sustainable, enjoyable, and meaningful to you, so you can feel your best.



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