Simple Staples: Your Simplified Guide to Eating Well

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Have you ever wondered if it’s actually possible to approach nutrition in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable, AND will help you move closer towards your goals, without the overwhelm or obsession?

Allow me to introduce you to my first ever ebook, Simple Staples: Your Simplified Guide to Eating Well, a 90+ page ebook dedicated to simplifying nutrition through practical, actionable tips and easy, nutrient dense recipes.

In this ebook, you’ll find:
26 simple, nourishing recipes for breakfast, main dishes and proteins, veggie sides, and snacks. Some are exclusive to the ebook, while others are staples!
Multiple pages of journal prompts to help turn information into wisdom (and personalized application!)
40 pages of practical nutrition guidance on topics ranging from building a balanced plate, tips for eating out without the stress, mindset makeover, emotional eating, consistency, conquering cravings, tips for meal planning with ease, pantry staples, and SO much more!
Printable meal plan calendar and grocery list 
– And finally, access to my exclusive Facebook group where you can connect with me, and the rest of those in the Simple Staples community, to ask questions, offer support, and share your creations!

If you desire to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable and realistic, without the restriction, obsession or overwhelm, then it’s my hope that this ebook serves as a template for just that!

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Simple Staples: Your Simplified Guide to Eating Well

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Are you overwhelmed with all the dogmatic diets and nutrition info floating out there in the world?
Do you feel the obsession with nutrition and wellness start to creep in, despite your well-meaning intentions to fuel your body well?
Have you ever wondered if it’s actually possible to approach nutrition in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable, AND will help you move closer towards your goals?

Allow me to introduce you to my first ever ebook, Simple Staples: Your Simplified Guide to Eating Well.

I packed SO much valuable information into this 90+ page ebook, which also includes 26 easy, nutrient dense recipes that are staples in our kitchen week after week, and month after month. As a Registered Dietitian, my goal is to educate, empower, and equip you to nourish your body and improve your health without restriction, obsession or overwhelm, so you can enjoy life to the fullest and live out your greater purpose. This ebook was created with YOU in mind and is chock full of practical nutrition guidance and simple but nutrient-dense recipes that are easy, straight-forward, affordable, and most of all, enjoyable, all in an effort to simplify nutrition and optimize your health without the obsession or overwhelm.


4 reviews for Simple Staples: Your Simplified Guide to Eating Well

  1. Ginny (verified owner)

    This is such a fantastic resource. Not only is it packed full of great recipes (with simple ingredients readily available at my local supermarket), but has great tips as well like mindset and emotional eating tips! Every recipe I’ve had (many so far) is delicious!!

  2. Joanna (verified owner)

    This helpful tool takes the guesswork and stress out of eating in a healthy, yet totally doable manner. Filled with delicious recipes and helpful info!

  3. Hannah Duncan (verified owner)

    Clara’s Simple Staples was exactly what I’ve been looking for. I appreciate the depth of what the ebook covers…from information on protein/fat/carbs to thinking about eating out without being stressed to amazing recipes at the end. It is dense with information but easy and enjoyable to read! Favorite recipes so far are paleo chicken salad and chocolate walnut brownie bites!

  4. Meg (verified owner)

    Very helpful book. The nutrition advice is practical and the recipes are easy to make, tasty and healthy. Highly recommend.

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